Synthetic Shingle Replacement & Installation

Synthetic shingle installation

Synthetic Shingle Installation

Over the years, synthetic shingles have emerged as a popular choice for both homeowners and property managers. But what makes them so popular? Part of the reason is due to the failings of other types of shingles. Wood shake shingles are subject to fire and rot while other types of “lifetime” shingles almost always fail to live up to their name. Another reason why synthetic shingles, sometimes called composite shingles, are so highly sought after these days is because they can actually help with insurance rates. Many of them have very good wind and fire ratings and are less of a liability to have on your roof. Here at Rocket Contracting LLC, we know how synthetic shingles can benefit you and your home. We know what you can expect from them, we can predict how they will perform in San Antonio weather and most of all, we know how to install them. You can call us any time for synthetic shingle installation in San Antonio, TX, Austin and the surrounding areas.

Roofing Materials That Work

Synthetic shingles are a great choice for the majority of residential properties here in San Antonio, but the fact remains that they have to be installed carefully and professionally. And our synthetic shingle installation is nothing if not professional. To find out more about our synthetic shingle installation in San Antonio, TX or to schedule an estimate, contact us at (888) 514-3222.

Synthetic Shingle Replacement

Another reason why so many people opt for synthetic shingles is because they represent a viable alternative to natural materials. You may have had your heart set on slate shingles but changed your mind after you saw the cost. Synthetic shingles can be made to look exactly like natural shingle materials like slate and wood but at a fraction of the cost. And in the case of cedar shakes, synthetic counterparts will also last a lot longer and offer better protection from fire and insect infestation.

But no matter how beneficial they may be, strong winds and subpar installation can shorten their lifespan. That’s why we have incorporated synthetic shingle replacement into our repertoire of services. No matter what type of synthetic shingles you have on your roof, we will be able to replace the missing ones seamlessly. Our synthetic shingle replacement service is predicated on shoring up your roof’s defenses. Missing shingles can easily lead to roof leaks, rodent infestations and decking damage. So it’s best to take action as soon as you see that you are missing shingles.

Call on us and we will come to your house and replace your missing shingles quickly, neatly and in accordance with building codes. Get in touch with us by dialing (888) 514-3222 today for more about synthetic shingle installation in San Antonio, TX.