Residential Roofing Replacement

A roofer working in tandem with a crane.

Exemplary Roof Replacement Work

No matter what shape your roof is currently in, a roof replacement by us here at Rocket Contracting LLC will make your home the toast of the neighborhood again. We specialize in residential property restoration of all kinds and oftentimes, that includes residential roof replacement in San Antonio, TX. After all, your home is not complete without a sturdy and attractive roof. We are easily capable of complex new roof installations and we can surely replace your residential roof no matter what style it is or what materials you want for it. And our roof replacement service is complete. A lot of contractors will overlook the fact that new roofs typically need new gutter systems but we don’t. If you need an efficient and effective new gutter system installed for your new roof, we can handle the job.

Dependable Services You Can See

Roof replacement is no easy task. It involves demolishing and removing the old roofing structure. This can be dangerous work if you are not already experienced with it. We have been in the roofing trade for many years. On top of that, the roofers we have brought in over the years to shore up our workforce represent the best and brightest roofers San Antonio has to offer. We promise an incident-free roof replacement project. We will safely demo the existing structure and haul the materials off responsibly. There is nothing to worry about when you put us on the job. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are totally liable and accountable when we work on your property. We go the extra mile to ensure the safety of you, your family your property and our crews. And of course, we are roof replacement experts. When you need a seamless new roofing system for your home, call on us at (888) 514-3222 for residential roof replacement in San Antonio, TX.

No matter how large your home may be, if you hire us for residential roof replacement in San Antonio, TX the job will be done right. We will never cause damage to the existing structure of the property and we will replace every roofing component without compromising the integrity of the home. In the end, you will have a seamless new roofing system that is built to last. If the project calls for it, we will fortify the existing structure to properly support the new roofing system. We work with a myriad of roofing materials and can give you the replacement options you want. So call us at (888) 514-3222 when you need exemplary residential roof replacement in San Antonio, TX.

A roofer with a bunch of new tiles.

Attributes of our Service

We have become a popular choice for residential roof replacement in San Antonio, TX because people appreciate the way we do business. We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers because we have been there too. We all need roofing services at some point and we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.

That’s why when you hire us for residential roof replacement in San Antonio, TX, you can count on:

  • Easy Quotes – Some contractors intentionally make their quotes complicated so that they can sneak in fees when the job is done. But when you work with us, you will be able to see exactly what you are paying for and what services and labor are included.
  • Timely Job Completion – A residential roof replacement can be very disruptive to your life and your family’s routine. That’s why it is important for any contractor you work with to get the job done when they say it will be done. You can count on us for the timely completion of your roof replacement project no matter how large it may be.
  • Competitive Pricing – There are no two ways around it: roof replacements are expensive. But if you shop around for estimates, you will see that we offer some of the most competitive rates for this kind of work in San Antonio and beyond.
  • Great Warranties – We work with roofing materials made by the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. That means you get the best warranties for materials and labor when you work with us.

On top of all this, you get the assurance of knowing that when we are done with your roof replacement, your property will be safer, more attractive and more valuable. We have helped countless San Antonio and Austin residents realize their dreams for their homes. We can do the same for you. Call us at (888) 514-3222 today for a residential roof replacement in San Antonio, TX.

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