Residential Metal Roof Installation

Metal shingles being installed.

Residential Metal Roofing Services

As a residential roofing contractor with decades worth of experience, we have been a part of a lot of different kinds of projects. We always try to present our customers with a variety of options because we know that no two clients or properties are exactly the same. In many cases, we offer residential metal roof installation for San Antonio, TX properties, as an option for our clients because very few homeowners consider this option and it offers a lot of benefits. For starters, residential metal roofing comes in a surprising array of shapes and colors. If you are picturing drab, grey sheets of metal on top of a roof, you are not thinking about modern residential metal roofing. Instead, today’s residential metal roofing can be cut into virtually any shape you want. If you want clean, crisp panels to run from the ridge to the edge of your roof you can get exactly that with materials like standing seam metal roofing. If you want more of a traditional look, you can opt for residential metal shingles.

Reliable Roofing for Your Home

Variety isn’t the only thing you get with residential metal roof installation in San Antonio, TX. Metal roofing also offers outstanding protection against hail, wind, rain, and fire. If you are tired of having to replace your roof every time there is a bad storm, metal roofing will definitely allay your frustration. And residential metal roof installation in San Antonio, TX isn’t very expensive — that is, when you work with us at least. Here at Rocket Contracting LLC, we specialize in residential metal roof installation and we have become quite adept at it, to say the least. Because metal roofing is lightweight, relatively simple to install and the materials aren’t very expensive, we can offer you a great price for total installation service. You can reap all the rewards of residential metal roofing simply by calling us so dial (888) 514-3222 today!

Residential Metal Roof Replacement

And if we are able to offer professional residential metal roof installation in San Antonio, TX, then you know we can expertly replace your existing metal roof as well. We can come to your home, dismantle your existing metal roof safely, responsibly get rid of the materials and begin building a brand new roof for you. When the job is done, we clean up after ourselves so that all that will be left is a fabulous and sturdy new metal roof.

Maybe you just bought a new house but want to upgrade the existing roof. We can help you there too! No matter what kind of roof is currently atop your property, we give you the option of replacing it with a brand new metal roof that will hold up against the elements and last for decades. We work with the best roofing materials so you get the best warranties possible. Our replacement services are carried out by our specially trained crew. Metal roof installation differs from traditional roofing in a lot of ways so we have invested in the ongoing training of our crew to ensure that all of our replacement and installation projects are done by the books. You get the utmost quality when you put us on the job. You can reach us by calling (888) 514-3222 so let us meet your roofing needs today!