TPO Roof Replacement & Installation

A man prepping a roof for TPO installation.

TPO Roofing Made Easy

You may have heard about single ply roofing membranes being lightweight, durable and relatively easy to install. But none of those innate characteristics of single ply roofing will be available to you if you choose the wrong contractor. Believe it or not, there are inexperienced roofing contractors out there who can screw up single-ply roofing membranes like TPO. A TPO roof is supposed to last for a long time but the leading cause of premature damage to TPO roof membranes is improper installation. Contractors either don’t fully adhere to the membrane to the insulation board or substrate or they aren’t careful when installing the flashing. The results of careless TPO installation could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Learn more about TPO roofing in San Antonio, TX now!

Reinforce and Update Your Roof

That’s why it pays to do your research, get estimates, ask for references and choose a professional TPO installation contractor. Here at Rocket Contracting LLC, not only do we have loads of experience with TPO roofing in San Antonio, TX but we have dozens of satisfied customers who can attest to the kind of professionalism and quality we bring to the table. When you need a high-performance, low-maintenance and long-lasting TPO roof membrane for your commercial building, we are the company to call. We take great care when installing TPO membranes because detailed work is what will help you get the most out of your investment. Our applications are done with the latest equipment and handled by only our best and brightest commercial roofing experts. Our TPO installation and TPO replacement services will be a great benefit to your building and your business. For all things TPO roofing in San Antonio, TX, give us a call at (888) 514-3222.

We are known for making TPO roof installations and replacements easy for our customers. Not only can we work directly with your insurance provider, but we don’t inundate you with unnecessary updates. We keep the project on time and let you deal with more important matters. Our quotes are transparent, easy to understand and our team is on-hand any time you have a question or wish to voice a concern. Experience the very best TPO and single-ply roofing services by hiring us. Call (888) 514-3222 to discuss your project!

Why Choose TPO Roofing?

When it comes to single ply roofing membranes, you have a lot of options. So why do so many business owners and property managers opt for TPO roofing in San Antonio, TX? There are lots of reasons but here are the ones we hear about the most from our customers:

  • High Solar Reflectivity – TPO roofing is what’s known as a cool roofing system meaning it can reflect most of the UV light that would otherwise be absorbed by your roof and building. This not only protects the membrane itself from UV damage but it keeps your whole building cool.
  • Ease of Restoration – TPO roofing may not be the longest-lasting of the single-ply roofing membranes, but it is very affordable to restore it. After about 20 years, you can have your TPO roof restored to a like-new state very affordably.
  • Weather Resistance – In an area like San Antonio, TX where hail, wind, and rain are the norm, it is important to choose a roofing material that can stand up to the elements. So naturally, we get hired to install TPO roofing in San Antonio, TX by business owners who want as much protection from the elements as possible.
  • Economy – Last but not least, people tell us that they chose TPO roofing because the material is cheap and installation is not labor-intensive.

And this is pretty much just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of TPO roofing. But remember; no matter how inherently strong and versatile TPO is, none of that matters when you hire an inexperienced contractor. Our superior vast experience and our superior attention to detail will help you get the most out of your TPO roofing for your San Antonio, TX property. Call (888) 514-3222 now to set up an estimate.