Can I Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles?

Metal Roofing on a Home

Can I put a metal roof over shingles?

As more homeowners choose metal roofing over shingles or tile, questions often arise about metal roof installation. Metal roofs generally cost more to install than asphalt shingle roofs, and some wonder if metal can be installed over shingles. This can be a cost-effective installation option because you don’t have the added cost of the original roof’s tear off. While installing a metal roof over shingles might save you money, it does pose problems. For one, not all municipalities allow this type of roof installation. Another serious problem arises from the potential of vapor getting trapped in between the layers. If moisture gets trapped between the layers, mold or rot can develop. The problem can be prevented with vents between the layers. Another reason this type of installation isn’t recommended is that the shingles can damage the underside of the metal as the shingles expand and contract. If you are interested in metal roof installation in San Antonio, TX, Rocket Contracting LLC provides a full range of options. Find out more by calling (888) 514-3222.

Is installing a metal roof difficult?

While metal roofing can prove an upgrade to asphalt shingles, it can be difficult to install. When you have a metal roof installed, you want to make sure your roofing contractor is experienced with metal. You’ll find such experience with Rocket Contracting LLC.

Is a metal roof worth it?

While metal roofing generally costs more to install than other types of roofing, you’ll find these roofs have plenty of advantages that make it worth installing. Durability is a major appeal of metal roofs. They can last anywhere between 40 to 70 years and can withstand harsh weather like high winds or hail better than most standard asphalt shingle roofs. These roofs require less maintenance as well and are highly fire-resistant. Because they are also highly reflective, they’re much more energy-efficient than standard roofs, reducing cooling costs by 10% to 25%. 

What are the problems with metal roofs?

While metal roofing has many advantages over other types of roofs, there are a few problems you might encounter with one.

  • Cost: Installation costs can be as much as two to three times higher than other types of roofing materials. Check with your insurer, however, because some companies offer discounts for metal roofs that can offset some of the installation costs. 
  • Noise: Metal roofs can be loud if not properly insulated. 
  • Expansion and contraction: As temperatures fluctuate, metal roof panels expand and contract. Over time this can cause the fasteners that hold the panels together to loosen.

Is underlayment necessary for metal roof?

For the most part, any roof including metal roofing requires underlayment. The underlayment is the waterproofing barrier that goes between the roofing material and the sheathing. Some metal roof manufacturers require underlayment to uphold warranties. Unfortunately, some roofers don’t install underlayment on metal roofs, and this can cause problems later on, especially if any leaks develop, a possibility on any roof, even something as durable as metal. Few exceptions exist. Covered patios in which the metal panels are attached directly to beams, for instance, might not need underlayment, and if you are placing a metal roof over existing shingles, underlayment is already present. 

Metal roof installation with insulation

When you install metal roofing, you want to install it with insulation. Insulation helps in multiple ways. It will help stabilize interior temperatures, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also will help stop debris from getting under the roof. Moreover, insulation will reduce the noise that is common with metal roofs. 

Metal roof installation on mobile home

Roofs on mobile homes can be particularly vulnerable to damage. If you are looking to replace your current roof, you might want to consider metal roofing for your mobile home. A metal roof will afford a mobile home the same sort of protection it would any other home, and with today’s lightweight metal roofs, you don’t have to worry about needing additional support for your roof. If your mobile home can hold up a standard asphalt shingle roof, it will be able to support a metal roof.

Metal roof installation on new construction

If you are having a new home built, metal roofing is a beneficial option to standard shingle or tile roofing. In fact, some builders are beginning to prefer installing metal roofs on new construction, knowing these roofs are so durable and long-lasting. With metal roofs, you also have plenty of options, ranging in choices of metal like aluminum or galvanized steel, to styles like standing-seam or even metal tiles and shingles. Metal roofs also come in various colors to fit any home design.

A Home With Metal Roofing

Who does metal roof installation

If you are looking to install metal roofing in San Antonio, TX, you’ll want skilled, experienced professionals for the job. Rocket Contracting LLC’s talented professionals are the right team for the job. Find out how we can help you by calling (888) 514-3222.