Shingle Roof Replacement in Hollywood Park, TX

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When you think you need a new roof, and are worried about it, the team at Rocket Contracting LLC can ease your mind about putting one on. Our experienced roofing contractors are the team to turn to when you need shingle roof replacement in Hollywood Park, TX. Licensed and insured, we have a trusted crew of expert craftsmen ready to give you exceptional service. Our crew’s selection of residential and commercial roofing services is extensive. Find out more or schedule an appointment by calling our team at (888) 514-3222.

Our Service Offerings in Hollywood Park, TX

No matter whether your roof is aging and weathered or has suffered severe damage in a storm, whenever it’s time for shingle roof replacement in Hollywood Park, TX, you want to call on the experienced professionals at Rocket Contracting LLC. Whenever you require roof replacement and installation, our dedicated team of experienced craftsmen will provide you with timely service. You’ll also find that our team uses high quality materials from top manufacturers like Owens Corning and Atlas. 

Our extensive selection of roof replacement services include roofing systems like traditional asphalt shingles, as well as architectural shingles. You can also receive our help when it comes to metal and synthetic shingle roofing. Our other roofing services include gutter installation,which helps stop leaks, erosion, and other water damage. When your roof has been seriously damaged by hail or wind, not only can we replace it, we can help you with the roof insurance claim. Additionally, our commercial roofing crews can take on projects ranging from TPO replacement to standing seam metal installation.

Customers throughout our service area trust us for high quality services, and we are capable of taking on large or small projects. Whatever project we take on, we are open with our customers from start to finish, making sure they are fully informed about the work we’re performing.

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When you have an aging roof or one that has suffered extensive damage, and you need professionals in shingle roof replacement in Hollywood Park, TX, the experts to look to are those at Rocket Contracting LLC. Our talented craftsmen are ready to provide you with top-quality workmanship no matter what type of roof you have. Learn more about how we can assist or schedule an appointment by calling (888) 514-3222.